How to open a Swiss Bank Account

People do not feel safe anymore. The world turns to be more insecure. People fear the effects of economic and political instability. People fear the governmental confiscation through unfair taxation of wealth, capital export restrictions and expropriation based on bail-in legislation. Smart entrepreneurs have a plan B for facing the worst case scenario.

They are looking for better asset protection. A trustworthy banking and legal system located in a secure country like Switzerland has become very important for efficient asset protection. The first step of your Plan B is opening a Swiss bank account. You bring your assets outside of the influence of the government at home. You will learn how to open a Swiss bank account with the safest banks in Switzerland. You will encounter many advantages and benefits of banking in Switzerland.

Safest banks in Switzerland

The biggest banks like UBS and

are not always the safest banks. There are 115 Swiss banks opening accounts for investment and dedicated to wealth management in Switzerland. Which bank is the safest? Studies show that 86% of the population are not in a position to judge if a bank is safe.

How to tell if a bank is safe?

For answering this question please check the following video!

I introduce my clients to the safest banks in Switzerland. The Swiss banks I select for my clients are:

  • NOT exposed with derivatives trading activities,
  • NOT involved with risky investment banking activities,
  • NOT engaged with risky lending activities.

Watch this video and find out: Which Country has the most secure banks in the world 2021

If you want to measure the risks connected to risky lending activities you do it with the Texas Ratio. Anyway, the Swiss banks I work with should be strongly capitalized. One of the most important ratios for measuring the degree of capitalization is the so-called Tier-One Capital Ratio.

  • The Tier-One Capital Ratio should be at least 20%. The more the better.

The Swiss bank named Safra-Sarasin

offers a Tier one Capital Ratio of 31%.

The best capitalized banks are mostly family-owned Swiss private banks.

Unfortunately, I can’t mention many names of banks. Swiss banks don’t like to be mentioned in the media. They are very sensitive with social media. I already had problems with a very powerful bank sending unpleasant letters to me putting me in an uncomfortable situation.

The logo of a bank accidentally appeared on the background in one of my videos. The video has not listed the name of the bank but the logo was not shown prominently but visible. That’s enough for creating problems. I big law firm with 300 lawyers representing the bank sent me an unpleasant registered letter of 30 pages putting me under tremendous pressure. Therefore, I am very cautious with names and very reluctant with the publication of names. I prefer disclosing the names of the best banks within a private environment during a face-to-face meeting in my office. We will find the best bank tailor-made and safest bank in Switzerland for you.

The right choice will better protect your assets long-term. The right choice of a Swiss bank depends on so many factors, based on the specific situation of the client.

  • Swiss banks like to work with people they trust.

Swiss banks prefer receiving already filtered clients from intermediaries they trust. Therefore, I will introduce you personally to the best Swiss bank. I will help you to negotiate all-inclusive fees per year. Do not blindly accept the standard terms and conditions. We know the industry standards. The Swiss private banking industry is not transparent.

We know what a fair pricing looks like.

We know the institutional pricing models for private clients. If the amounts are substantial there is room for negotiation. You will pay until 50% less banking fees because of institutional pricing. External asset managers have special deals in place with the Swiss banks. Working with a best in class asset manager brings the advantage of institutional pricing models existing between Swiss banks and external asset managers.

  • What are the two biggest mistakes of losing money?

We will eliminate the two most frequent risks where clients of Swiss banks can lose money. According to surveys clients are losing money because of: 

  • wrong advice
  • over-pricing.

Based on my introduction, I guarantee you that you will save until 50% banking fees for sure.

What is the minimum amount to open a Swiss bank account?

For running a well-diversified portfolio lowering the risks of investments, your minimum investment balance should be at least 500’000 CHF. With a lower amount, you cannot diversify your investments as it should be.

Opening a Swiss bank account

Before you start opening a Swiss bank account with the Swiss bank of your choice, you should do your homework. You should prepare a set of documents.

You should prepare the following:

  • A valid passport, valid at least for additional six months;
  • A short resume (max. 1 page) or CV showing your education and professional career;
  • Authentic documents showing the origin of your money, the source of your wealth.

The most critical and difficult point is the last point: Documenting the source of wealth!

Many investors have no idea how to open a Swiss bank account and which documents are suitable for Swiss bank account opening. Therefore, we help you with the following list.

Description of Source of Wealth                                  Supporting Documents to be supplied

Income from employment                                                Pay slips showing the salary payments

Service agreement with employer

Credit advice showing salary payments

Business profits/income                                                    Annual report of the company

Financial statements, agreements


Sale of shares, investments, liquidation                        Investments, savings, contracts

Confirmations of the companies involved                                                                                Receipt of funds by the company


Dividends, interests and profits from the company        Recent audited balance sheet


Sale of property                                                                      Real estate agreements

Contracts before the notary public

Extract from the land registry


Inheritance, last will, estate                                          Grant of probate, last will or testament,

Trust deed, letter of wishes, inventory


Insurance claim                                                           Confirmation from insurance provider


Gift, donation                                                              Donation act signed by the donor,

Source of donated gifts


Lottery, betting, casino                                                Letter from the lottery, bank statements,

Copies of media coverage, internet


Cryptocurrency                                                            Receipt form the crypto exchange,

Screenshot from the wallet


Divorce                                                                       Copy of court decision or

Separation agreement


Other source                                                               Suitable documentary evidence



Open a bank account online

To open a bank account online was very difficult before Covid-19. With the Corona Crisis the banks in Switzerland changed their on-boarding procedures. Today, you can open a bank account online with the majority of Swiss banks.

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority,

which is better known under the abbreviation FINMA, is the financial watch-dog in Switzerland. FINMA issued directives for Swiss bank account opening by video identification. The banker will identify the client’s identity by verification of the passport and video conference call. The Covid-19 crisis is speeding up the account opening process online.

Take your money out of your country before your country will take the money out of you!

I am modest by nature, but I can assure you. After the phone call with me you won’t regret it. You will feel much better after having started your asset protection plan B.

Your assets are going to be much better protected with Swiss banks.  Achieve peace of mind with your plan B, for long-term asset protection.

Watch the following video:

77 Reasons for Swiss Bank Account Opening

Start with your asset protection plan B. Do it today.

Protect your assets with the safest banks in Switzerland and enjoy peace of mind.

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